Depósitos Coballes, "More than 40 years by your side, our beginning"​ 1981

The company was born in 1981 with the current name of DEPOSITO COBALLES, SL. Its first location was in the town of A Guarda (Pontevedra), in a 100-square-meter industrial warehouse.

Its objective was the manufacture of tanks and boilers for DHW in wood-burning stoves, after detecting a market need in this field. Previously, the products used for this purpose had a much lower quality since the existing products on the market at that time were made of galvanized iron, so DEPOSITOS COBALLES, SL began to work using copper and stainless steel.

Today we continue to be a dynamic and innovative company in DHW systems thanks to our extensive technical knowledge and experience that we apply to each project and to each new development of products adapted to new energies and consumer needs. The quality you deserve Our manufacturing process and the high quality of the materials we use allow us to offer you not only the widest guarantee, but also an important added value and differentiator in the market.

Our vision of the future makes us pioneers, both in technologies used in our internal processes and in the products we design.


Depósitos Coballes is committed to complying with the law and "zero tolerance" towards crime, approving the RULES OF CONDUCT for all professionals and collaborators of the company.

The company seeks to achieve a solid culture of compliance that avoids any type of legal breach, whether criminal or not, and ensures ethical behavior of all those who are part of or are related in one way or another with "DEPÓSITOS COBALLES S.L." in the exercise of their activity.

For this, an ETHICAL CHANNEL has also been established that will allow anyone to make inquiries as well as report possible breaches.

If something characterizes us, it is the quality of our products.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified since 2003 for both the design and manufacture of our products made of stainless steel with the highest performance: DHW accumulators, buffer tanks, hydropneumatic tanks, electric water heaters...

In this way, we guarantee the quality of the product from the beginning of the process, until the client finally disposes of it.