Quality policy

The achievement of adequate quality is the primary objective of the company, so management and leadership take responsibility for implementing and maintaining a quality assurance system to ensure the quality of services provided by DEPOSITOS COBALLES, S.L. Since the quality of these services is what ensures the continuity and development of the company.

The achievement of the previously stated objectives entails the undertaking of the following commitments:

DEPOSITOS COBALLES, S.L. It will ensure that the quality policy is disseminated to all areas of the company, and that said policy is understood, implemented, and updated, in compliance with the requirements established in ISO 9001:2015.

The quality policy will be applied to all activities carried out by the company and will affect all personnel, from the managing director to the analysts and all auxiliary staff, who will strive to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement.

The company's activity is the design and manufacturing of stainless steel accumulators and water tanks.

To maintain and develop all that has been previously outlined, the company will provide the necessary material and human resources, ensuring that all company personnel accept and apply the guidelines, procedures, and other instructions emanating from the quality manual.

The company commits to ensuring that its activities will be carried out based on criteria that guarantee the impartiality, independence, and integrity of all provided services.

With this, the company ensures commitment to compliance with customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory obligations.